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Provides an Update on Operations

 Denver, Colo., June 11, 2009, Recent Events --Vista International Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: VVIT), is pleased to update its investors on its operations. Its tire processing facility located in Hutchins, TX, has achieved cash flows which enable it to cover its current direct operating costs from revenues from tipping fees. Revenue is generated from transporters that pay a disposal fee or ˇ°tipping feeˇ± for the waste tires we accept from them. Both passenger vehicle and truck tires are accepted. The waste tires are shredded and disposed of through an arrangement with the City of Dallas landfill which uses the existing tires chips and shreds in further development of their existing landfill site.  The facility has taken in over 1000 tons of tires per month for the past 3 months.  Revenues for calendar year 2009 are expected to exceed $350,000.

As we receive waste tires at the site we are continuously removing stockpiled material from the yard, eliminating whole waste tires and tire shreds that have accumulated over the years and have no commercial value. The company has been exploring alternative uses for the tire materials currently on site. Our goal is to eliminate the material stockpiled on the site, thus reducing the financial assurance requirements by the State of Texas as well as the financial liability to the company. More than 4,000 tons of old material has been removed from the site so far in 4 months.  At the current rate, the site will have all tire shreds removed in approximately 4 months.

This operation in Texas is subject to regulation by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  We are registered with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality which allows us to receive, store, transport and process waste tires. The facility is currently the only waste tire storage and processing facility licensed by the State of Texas to operate in the Dallas Metro area.

Work is continuing on the design of the next generation Thermal Gasification units.. Initially, a small portable unit will be constructed that can be mounted on a tractor trailer assembly that will handle approximately 10 tons per day of waste materials. This unit is estimated to generate up to 0.5MW of electricity. It is expected that this small unit will be completed and available later this year. This size unit is ideal for rural applications or industrial sites that have limited available waste feedstock. Larger size units that handle several hundred tons per day of waste material are also being designed that can be utilized to supply electricity back to the utility grid. The company has received significant interest in these units, both domestically and internationally. 

- Barry J. Kemble, CEO