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Optimizing Municipal Waste to Energy.

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Corporate Summary

Vista International Technologies, Inc., develops environmentally safe renewable energy infrastructures that produce electricity, heat, steam and alternative fuels using its proprietary patented technology, the Thermal Gasifier™ system. The system converts municipal solid waste, biomass, tires and other solid hydrocarbon based materials into synthesis gas which can be used to produce thermal energy, while capturing the pollutants and turning them into useful products. It does so by extracting chemical energy from within solid waste converting it into a clean usable energy. The company is well positioned to assume a leadership role in building renewable energy infrastructures.

Additionally, the company owns and operates a waste tire processing facility in Texas. It is the only licensed site for the storage and processing of waste tires in the Dallas area. The tires are shredded and transported to a local landfill for use as a liner for the waste beds. The tires can also be processed into tire derived fuel (TDF), sold to cement manufacturers as alternate fuel for cement kilns.

Investment Highlights

High Growth Sector ¨C As technologies improve along with cost effectiveness, and the price of fossil fuels continue to increase, renewable investments are projected to continue to rise. The US has recently produced less than 10% of its electrical generation from renewable sources, and if hydroelectric is excluded, that number drops to less than 3%.

Uniquely Situated - Rather than increasing landfill sites or using incineration technology, the Thermal GasifierTM solution utilizes waste as a resource for the production of clean energy in the forms of electricity, steam or alternative fuels.

 New Solutions

Thermal Gasifier

An unwavering commitment to clean energy was the driving force behind the development of the Thermal Gasifier™ nearly a quarter century ago. Thermal Gasifier™ evolved to extract chemical energy from materials, commonly treated as waste, and transform it into valuable, usable energy and by-products. The Thermal Gasifier™ has proven to be the most economical and efficient method of extracting all available energy from the waste stream. This process accommodates the use of many different solid wastes without any alteration to the unique Thermal Gasifier™ design. This means that Vista International Technologies Inc. can maximize the energy generated from the waste conversion process while still exceeding the most stringent EPA and European Union regulations.

Environmental Commitment

A commitment to a "clean environment" and renewable energy was the catalyst that drove the development of the Thermal Gasifier™ nearly a quarter century ago. Today, Vista International Technologies, Inc. still believes in responsible stewardship of the Earth¡¯s natural resources.

For Vista International Technologies, Inc., ¡°renewable energy¡± involves the productive use of waste and careful use of the Earth¡¯s natural resources. It is our goal and social obligation, to eliminate or minimize pollution to levels that remain in line with or below regulations set forth by the EPA and European Union.