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A commitment to a "clean environment" and renewable energy was the catalyst that drove the development of the Thermal Gasifier™ nearly a quarter century ago. Today, Vista International Technologies, Inc. still believes in responsible stewardship of the Earth¡¯s natural resources. Vista International Technologies, Inc. feels privileged to lead by example, and to integrate the technology of renewable energy with a sense of personal responsibility that¡¯s grounded in environmental awareness.
For Vista International Technologies, Inc., ¡°renewable energy¡± involves the productive use of waste and careful use of the Earth¡¯s natural resources. It is our goal and social obligation, to eliminate or minimize pollution to levels that remain in line with or below regulations set forth by the EPA and European Union.
Vista International Technologies¡¯ environmental goals and mission:
• To reduce the earth's carbon footprint
• To maximize the use of waste streams and natural resources
• To reduce the size of and need for landfills
• To reduce the use of fossil fuels
• To continuously improve our technologies to reduce waste streams and pollution
• To promote the commercialization and use of renewable energy
Our proprietary technology for converting waste to energy represents an environmentally sound option that is superior to other alternative energy and waste removal processes. Our patented process reduces reliance on fossil fuels, decreases harmful emissions and provides numerous immeasurable long-term benefits, clearing a new path toward a sustainable and cleaner world.