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Optimizing Municipal Waste to Energy.

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About Us
As a leader in renewable energy technology and engineering, Vista International Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Nathaniel Energy Corporation) develops environmentally safe energy infrastructures that produce electricity, heat, and steam using its proprietary patented technology, the Thermal Gasifier™. The Thermal Gasifierí»s™ gasification system converts waste, biomass, tires and other solid carbon-based materials into electricity and thermal energy, while minimizing emissions.

The Thermal Gasifierí»s™ versatile technology has multiple applications with promising implications for the field of electricity generation, alternative fuels, sustainable development, and landfill and waste cleanup.

Vista International Technologies, Inc. is committed to:
• Reducing the earth's carbon footprint
• Reducing the use of fossil fuels
• Cleaning up problem waste and landfills
Helping industries reduce energy costs through the conversion of waste into energy and valuable resources

For further information on Vista International Technologies contact: info@vvit.us