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Update from CEO Brad Ripps

Denver, CO, February 18, 2011

I would like to welcome you to the Vista website and give you a brief update on recent events as well as a quick view of my vision for the company. I chose to come to Vista based on a number of reasons. The company boasts a world class renewable technology, has a steady revenue source in the Hutchins tire processing facility, and most importantly, a team committed to the success of the company. It is my job as CEO to maximize our potential in each of these areas, and I believe we have made an excellent start.

On the gasification front, the demo unit in Italy continues to progress, and we have numerous project opportunities here in the US that we are currently working on. Our plan is to organize these opportunities into a project pipeline that will efficiently roll out along a timeline that maximizes benefit to the company.

As our most recent 8-K stated, we are currently leveraging our Hutchins facility, having entered into a sale leaseback transaction that will allow us to significantly reduce corporate liabilities and allow us to maintain our current revenue stream. In our efforts to optimize results, we have added one additional revenue stream at the facility, and we are currently looking at other ways to boost production and/or revenue.

Perhaps the most critical part of any enterprise is its personnel. The team that we have in place at Vista is knowledgeable and experienced, and dedicated to making Vista a leader in the waste to energy space utlizing our patented Thermal Gasifier technology. I look forward to working with them to keep the company moving forward, maximizing shareholder value in the process.

Brad Ripps
Chief Executive Officer
Vista International Technologies, Inc.